Human Capital Management

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Human Capital solutions are becoming an increasingly integral part of a company’s strategic business process. EffectivStaff elevates the management of human resources from an administrative function to a key strategic business element, a critical factor for all successful organizations

Imagine a SharePoint based HR system that is a collaborative HR solution in your company with a central storage of all HR data and processes, entry points for managers and employees, flexible workflows, email notifications and SharePoint HR templates.

Imagine a complete system for HRM, Compensations, Recruiting, Performance, Competence and Learning Management and Leave Management system for all the employees and locations, providing the HR specialists with the total control and full analytical reporting.

Imagine your organization having the high-performing employees with the full vision of their individual objectives totally aligned with the departments and company goals, and performance indicators.

EffectiveStaff solution offers 90% of the functionality of an ERP HR solution like Oracle, PeopleSoft or SAP at about 20% of the price. The product is designed for companies who understand the benefits and competitive advantage of managing Human capital but do not want to spend US$ 300,000+ on an HRIS application. Thanks to the simplicity of design and Employee-centric database architecture, the implementation time frame is measured in weeks instead of the months or years, compared to the more complex position-centric systems (Oracle, SAP, etc).

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Employee Performance, Assessment and Appraisal Software

EffectiveStaff Performance Edition is a unique SharePoint based employee performance appraisal system that automates the employees’ performance management, assessment and appraisal processes. Establish a collaborative performance evaluation environment with The ES employee appraisal software and increase the performance and efficiency of each employee and organization as a whole.

Imagine a performance management tool with an easy and effective performance appraisal management taking minimal administrative efforts and paperwork.

Imagine a performance appraisal system with the employees’ objectives and efforts totally aligned with the strategic vision, direction and goals of your organization.

Imagine an easy-to-manage and well-timed performance review software with the performance appraisals and assessments integrating the employees and managers and being fully coordinated by the HR specialists. All this becomes possible with the new performance appraisal tool.

EffectiveStaff Performance is fully integrated with EffectiveStaff HRIS and EffectiveStaff Learning for the complete Talent Management solution.

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A Classroom without walls for a business without boundaries

Lanteria EffectiveStaff Learning is a SharePoint Learning management system that helps you to:

1. Create and manage a corporate learning library containing classroom trainings, E-Learning courses, documents in any format, quizzes and web links

2. Assess employees competencies and identify the development needs

3. Create individual development (learning) plans and track the progress. Test you employees and manage certificates

4. Schedule classroom training and manage participants as well as training requests

5. Get the full and customizable analytical reporting. Increase the efficiency of learning and improve employee skills

We can help you to envision, implement and support LMS deployment. LMS systems help you to manage your training records and also helps you to distribute online or blended/hybrid corporate courses over the Internet/intranet with features for online collaboration.

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